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Creating secure meeting environments

Shield hardware

Shield your meetings

Today, recording and eavesdropping meetings and discussions with a mobile device is easier than one might think. But actually, so is the solution. Just put a lid on it. Shield is a soundproofed, sound masking box for precautionary storage of mobile phones and tablets that creates a secure meeting environment.

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Information is everywhere.
So are the risks.

Sensitive information that gets into the wrong hands can cause damage to any person, company or organization. Even set to offline mode, a mobile phone can be used for recording audio in a meeting. Also, phones may have been tampered with, or hacked for eavesdropping purposes - possibly without the owner knowing it.

Shield is a simple, secure and cost-efficient solution to this problem. It not only minimizes the risk of information leaks. It also creates a feeling of security for all meeting participants.


Security never looked so good

Shield has room for several phones and tablets. Its internal noise generator effectively drowns out the sound of voices outside, and jams any attempts of recording or eavesdropping. Shield can be placed inside the conference room, so that meeting participants never have to let their mobile devices out of sight.

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Simple, secure, sophisticated

Developed in Sweden
A red/green LED light clearly indicates whether the Shield's lid is shut or not, and if the sound masking generator is active. Shield is a top quality, durable product designed and manufactured in Sweden.

Link22 Shield Illustration

Tech specs


340x278x136 mm

Inner dimensions

300x190x70 mm

Room for

12 PDAs

Power supply

110V or 240V


Tested by an independent third party

CE Approved

CE marking

Acoustic performance

Results from independent testing show that link22 Shield™ effectively
prevents eavesdropping and is resistant to methods for advanced signal analysis.

Read in-depth information about Shield’s acoustic performance here

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